Welcome to Hounds of Aragh.

A little about us.

This site is dedicated to our Irish Wolfhounds and our life spent with them. We started with wolfhounds back in '96 and have since then had 6 beautyful dogs, four bitches and two males. The first male, Aragh, was one of the tallest and largest dogs I have ever seen. He meassured 94 cm. over the shoulder and tipped the scale at 85kgs. Finn, wich we have today is equally tall, laonger in back, but more slenderly built..

Velkommen til siden vår!
Her finner du stoff om vår store lidenskap, Irsk Ulvehund og en hel del annet som vi setter stor pris på og synes er gøy. Se deg rundt, kos deg og når du er ferdig så gi oss gjerne en melding i gjesteboka.

Finn, Rena and Gunn Kristin in december 2013.